BENAS biogas plant GmbH

The BENAS biogas plant GmbH in Ottersberg near Bremen was initially set up in 2005 for co-fermentation and was converted in 2009 to the exclusive use of renewable raw materials (NaWaRo plant). Consisting of two digesters, two post-fermenters and three fermented fertiliser storage areas, the total fermentation volume is just about 40,000 m³. The installed electrical output is stated to be 5.240 kW. The plant has been and continues to be further developed and expanded. In 2017 it was equipped with substrate nozzles from Ecogas GmbH in the course of an expansion.

The BENAS biogas plant works with an ammonium stripping plant. A process in which ammonium nitrogen is removed from the fermentation residues with CHP waste heat without any use of alkaline solutions, acids or external stripping media. The FaserPlus plant is for processing fermentation residue into fertiliser for agriculture uses and fibre materials for the wood industry.

On Saturday, 13.07.2019 there will be an open day at the BENAS biogas plant GmbH in Ottersberg from 11.00 - 17.00. Interested persons are cordially invited and have the opportunity to have a look at the special techniques.


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