The basic setting of the system consists of two vessels - one fermenter and one for the storage of fermented substrate. The plant is therefore extremely compact and clearly arranged. Furthermore, relating with the size of the plant additional vessels may be integrated. The vessels do not contain any technique. An equipment room with a substrate pump and a substrate heat exchanger is positioned between the vessels or constructed as container. The vessels are usually equipped with a double membrane cover.

The ECOGAS - method is suitable as well for concrete vessels and steel vessels as for foil-lined ground basins (lagoons). It enables particularly efficient biogas production in a structurally and technically simple, but fully developed facility. This provides great safety and cost effectiveness for the biogas plant.


The heart of the ECOGAS process is the PLC-controlled spraying of liquid fermenter content (dry substance content max. 8 %). Thereby it’s possible to calibrate to irrigation in accordance with the substrate in use or to homogenize the fermenter content completely. The possibility of a variable spraying intensity allows for an optimization of the fermentation process.